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Facts about USPS

10 Surprising Facts about USPS Shipping

  1. Cost Vs. Time  The US Postal Service is the least costly way to send small packages. Most of our customers choose this option over UPS, even though it does have one drawback - your package might take longer to arrive than you would like.
  2. You See All the Info  24 hours after we drop off your package at the Post Office, you can start to track it using the tracking number in your shipment email. You get to see the same tracking information we do. And - we do not have access to any extra info beyond what you can see.
  3. What to Expect  When you track a package shipped through US Postal Service, you now see an "expected delivery date." This is just an estimate, not a guarantee (unless you chose Express shipping). It can take longer.
  4. Movin' Right Along  If your package takes longer than the estimated date, please do not panic. It does not mean your package is lost, it is just taking longer. Your package can appear not to have moved. The US Postal Service is not required to scan the package at every point. This means it can be moving along, even though you (and we) cannot see the movement.
  5. Please Don't Worry  Even though we are a business shipping with the Postal Service, sadly we have zero influence over our shipments. Yes, we will replace or refund any lost package. But we haven't had to yet. Read on to see why you should not worry.
  6. Can't You Do Something?  If your package is delayed, there is nothing we can do to make it move faster. We must wait 15 days after the mailing date before we can file a claim on a lost package. (See for yourself here).
  7. No Claims  We shipped about 10,000 packages last year, most within the US using the Postal Service. We never have had to file a claim. They all were delivered within 15 days.
  8. No Claims Here Either  Did you choose Express shipping? We only have to wait 7 days to file a claim, and you get your shipping money back if it takes longer than the estimated delivery date. But we have never had to do a claim on one of these, either.
  9. Nope, Not These Either  Did you choose First Class or Parcel shipping? Sorry, the Postal Service does not allow a claim to be filed on these mail types. But still, we have not yet had one of these go completely lost either.
  10. But I Need It Now!  Do you need to receive your shipment within a certain amount of time? Your best bet is to choose USPS Express shipping or UPS 2-Day. (Even though USPS Priority 2-3 Day sounds good, it might actually take longer than it is supposed to.)

We have seen delays with every shipping service and we simply cannot help that there are delays. It's frustrating - we know you want and need your stuff! We wish delays never happened. We don't re-ship delayed packages because shipping time is something we cannot control.

Please, let us know if it has been 15 days since the mailing date, and we will attempt to file a claim on your behalf. We've never had to do this yet, but we are willing to help.